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Preparing for Tjejvasan 2022 – back to the start, with a new finish line

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Preparing for Tjejvasan 2022 – back to the start, with a new finish line

On Saturday, February 26 it will once more be time for Tjejvasan, the 30-kilometre women's race in the Vasaloppet Arena, starting in Oxberg. 4,500 participants are registered for the 34th Tjejvasan and they will cross the finish line under a new finish line portal by the belfry in Mora. For the eleventh year in a row, Swedish Television broadcasts the world's largest ski race exclusively for women. Those who want to participate may register all the way up until the start. Here we will present all the conditions ahead of Tjejvasan 2022!

Online registration for Tjejvasan 2022 closed on Wednesday, February 23 at midnight on vasaloppet.se. Direct registration, with a slightly higher registration fee, can be made on location at Vasaloppet's race offices in Mora and Sälen from Thursday, February 24 at 12:00. Direct registration can also be made at the race office at the start point in Oxberg on the day of the race.

The top 30 in Tjejvasan 2021 will have the same start number in Tjejvasan 2022 as their 2021 placement. Nine of the first twenty skiers in the Visma Ski Classics' standings right now are also registered to ski Tjejvasan 2022.

Start lists, live results, results lists and statistics can be found here:
username: vasa
password: media

Four former Tjejvasan winners are registered in this year's competition's class: Lina Korsgren, Britta Johansson Norgren, Laila Kveli, and also Elin Ek, who won in 1999 and in 2006.

Follow participants in the official Vasaloppet app

Visma Ski Classics standings2021/22:
1 Ida Dahl, Team Ramudden, 1454 points
2 Britta Johansson Norgren, Lager 157 Ski Team, 1384
3 Lina Korsgren, Team Ramudden, 1100
4 Astrid Øyre Slind, Team Koteng Eidissen, 840
5 Olga Tsareva, Russian Winter Team, 797
6 Anikken Gjerde Alnes, Team Ragde Charge, 731
7 Sofie Elebro, Team Næringsbanken, 720
8 Heli Heiskanen, Slavia Pojišťovna Sport Team, 662
9 Emilie Fleten, Team XPND Fuel, 649
10 Laila Kveli, Team Engcon, 600
11 Kati Roivas, Team Nordic Expérience, 554
12 Thea Krokan Murud, Lager 157 Ski Team, 551
13 Evelina Settlin, Team Engcon, 531
14 Linn Sömskar, Team Eksjöhus, 504
15 Ida Palmberg, Team Ramudden, 493
16 Julia Angelsiöö, Team Næringsbanken, 476
17 Sofia Lindberg, Team Nordic Jobs Worldwide, 446
18 Karolína Grohová, eD system Silvini Team, 417
19 Magni Smedås, Team Eksjöhus, 400
20 Marie Renée Sørum Gangsø, Team Næringsbanken, 393

New finish line portal
In 2021, Tjejvasan ran only as an elite competition, while other participants could ski Vasaåket in the Vasaloppet Arena or at home. The new finish line was supposed to be used in Tjejvasan 2021 but the pandemic put a stop to that plan. The new mobile finish portal – which was only used during the elite competition version of Vasaloppet 2021 – will, in the future, be put up for the events on level with the belfry by the roundabout on Vasagatan. The finishing stretch from the Zorn Museum to the new finish line portal at the belfry will be about 320 metres. The existing finish line portal, which became permanent in 1986, will stay in its current place and become part of a medal square; a place where participants can receive their medals after finishing, meet up with their near and dear, take pictures and soak in the Vasaloppet feeling.

Prizes in the senior class
Individual prizes in the form of training scholarships totalling 147,000 SEK (including sprint prizes) are awarded. The winner receives SEK 50,000. The top 15 are all awarded prizes.
Veidekke's sprint price in Hökberg: 5,000 SEK.
DHL's sprint price in Eldris: 5,000 SEK.
Placement medals – gold, silver and bronze – are awarded to those who place first, second and third. All participants who reach the finish line will receive a medal.

Record bonus
If a skier sets a new record time in Tjejvasan they will receive a 50,000 SEK record bonus. The current Tjejvasan record is from 2017 when Britta Johansson Norgren completed the race in 1.16.44. At the time, she beat Susanne Nyström's record of 1.18.30 from 2008 by one minute and 46 seconds! Britta's passing times in the record year 2017 were: Hökberg 29.30 min and Eldris 54.22 min. Her time 5 km from the finish was 1.04.27. Has the time come for a new record?

NEW: Junior class
New for this year, a junior class (17–20 years) will be introduced in Tjejvasan. This means that there are now two competition classes (senior and junior), as well as the regular exercise class where, as before, you can participate from the year you turn 17.

Tjejvasan's competition classes, including start groups Elite, 1A, 1B and 2, start at 09:00. After that, one group starts every 15 minutes. Individual prizes in the form of training scholarships are also awarded in the junior class, totalling 22,000 SEK to the top six participants. The junior class winner receives 10,000 SEK. Sprint prizes are only awarded in the senior class.

Should a junior competitor cross the finish line first of all, she would of course win the entire Tjejvasan and receive the victory wreath and 50,000 SEK, but it is not possible to win the prize money from both classes.

This year's Kransmas, the 34th, is Edvin Nilsson, active within Sälens IF.

The Kransmas honorary award
When Tjejvasan celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2018, a new tradition was introduced where all Kransmas through the years join together to raise money for a woven pillow from Mora Hemslöjd, embroidered with "Kransmasarnas hederspris Tjejvasan 2022". The pillow is awarded to the Tjejvasan victor.

Competition jury
Tjejvasan's competition jury 2022 consists of technical delegate Annika Dahlman, assistant technical delegate Sanna Hallberg and competition leaders Helene Söderlund and Catherine Mörk.

The last five years in Tjejvasan

Results Tjejvasan 2017:
1 Britta Johansson Norgren, Sollefteå Skidor IF, 1.16.44 (Record time!)
2 Emilia Lindstedt, Falun Borlänge SK, 1.19.18
3 Maria Nordström, Ulricehamns IF, 1.19.19
4 Sofia Henriksson, Piteå Elit SK, 1.19.19
5 Elin Mohlin, Åsarna IK, 1.19.24
6 Linn Sömskar, IFK Umeå, 1.19.26
7 Laila Kveli, Norway, 1.20.59
8 Hedda Bångman, Offerdals SK, 1.21.13
9 Sandra Olsson, Malungs IF, 1.22.02
10 Jenny Larsson, Gellivare Skidallians IK, 1.22.02

Results Tjejvasan 2018:
1 Katerina Smutná, Czech Republic, 1.35.26
2 Britta Johansson Norgren, Sollefteå Skidor IF, 1.35.27
3 Emilia Lindstedt, Falun Borlänge SK, 1.35.40
4 Lina Korsgren, Åre Längdskidklubb, 1.36.02
5 Hanna Falk, Ulricehamns IF, 1.36.26
6 Elin Mohlin, Hudiksvalls IF, 1.36.53
7 Julia Jansson, Sollefteå Skidor IF, 1.39.25
8 Lisa K Svensson, Åsarna IK, 1.39.26
9 Julia Angelsiöö, Storvreta IK, 1.39.26
10 Evelina Bångman, Offerdals SK, 1.39.27

Results Tjejvasan 2019:
1 Britta Johansson Norgren, Sollefteå Skidor IF, 1.21.03
2 Lina Korsgren, Åre Längdskidklubb, 1.21.04
2 Katerina Smutná, Czech Republic, 1.21.07
4 Emma Wikén, Åsarna IK, 1.21.09
5 Laila Kveli, Norway, 1.21.09
6 Elin Mohlin, Sockertoppen IF, 1.21.11
7 Frida Erkers, IFK Mora SK, 1.21.24
8 Sandra Olsson, Malungs IF, 1.21.29
9 Frida Hallqvist, Åsarna IK, 1.21.30
10 Ida Dahl, IFK Mora SK, 1.21.38

Results Tjejvasan 2020:
1 Britta Johansson Norgren, Sollefteå Skidor IF, 1.24.34
2 Lina Korsgren, Åre Längdskidklubb, 1.25.12
3 Ida Dahl, IFK Mora SK, 1.26.32
4 Katerina Smutná, Tjeckien, 1.26.33
5 Jenny Larsson, Östersunds SK, 1.28.25
6 Thea Krokan Murud, Norway, 1.29.05
7 Frida Hallqvist, Åsarna IK, 1.29.57
8 Jenny Solin, Sollefteå Skidor IF, 1.29.58
9 Sandra Olsson, Malungs IF, 1.30.41
10 Laila Kveli, Norway, 1.30.57

Results Tjejvasan Elit 2021 (shorter distance, 27,5 km):
1 Lina Korsgren, Åre Längdskidklubb, 1.06.47
2 Britta Johansson Norgren, Sollefteå Skidor IF, 1.06.47
3 Linn Sömskar, IFK Umeå, 1.06.51
4 Laila Kveli, Norway, 1.06.52
5 Jenny Larsson, Östersunds SK, 1.06.57
6 Ida Dahl, IFK Mora SK, 1.06.57
7 Jenny Solin, Sollefteå Skidor IF, 1.07.26
8 Moa Hansson, Landsbro IF SK, 1.07.30
9 Elin Mohlin, Sockertoppen IF, 1.07.38
10 Sofie Elebro, Östersunds SK, 1.07.38

For additional results, click ”Results” on Vasaloppet's website vasaloppet.se

All Tjejvasan victors
1988 Karin Värnlund, IFK Mora
1989 Marie Johansson, Dala-Järna IK
1990 Cancelled
1991 Anna Frithioff, Kvarnsvedens GoIF
1992 Anna Frithioff, Kvarnsvedens GoIF
1993 Carina Görlin, Hudiksvalls IF
1994 Marie Helene Östlund, Hudiksvalls IF
1995 Marie Helene Östlund, Hudiksvalls IF
1996 Kerrin Petty, IFK Moras SK
1997 Karin Öhman, Stockviks Skidförening
1998 Bente Martinsen, Norway
1999 Elin Ek, Bergeforsens SK
2000 Annika Evaldsson, IFK Mora SK
2001 Anita Moen, Norway
2002 Emelie Öhrstig, Stockviks Skidförening
2003 Ulrica Persson, SK Bore
2004 Hilde G Pedersen, Norway
2005 Sofia Bleckur, IK Jarl
2006 Elin Ek, IFK Mora SK
2007 Susanne Nyström, Piteå Elit SK
2008 Susanne Nyström, Piteå Elit SK
2009 Susanne Nyström, Piteå Elit SK
2010 Susanne Nyström, IFK Mora SK
2011 Jenny Hansson, Östersunds SK
2012 Susanne Nyström, Laisvalls SK
2013 Susanne Nyström, Laisvalls SK
2014 Sofia Bleckur, IFK Mora SK
2015 Laila Kveli, Norway
2016 Britta Johansson Norgren, Sollefteå Skidor IF
2017 Britta Johansson Norgren, Sollefteå Skidor IF
2018 Katerina Smutná, Czech Republic
2019 Britta Johansson Norgren, Sollefteå Skidor IF
2020 Britta Johansson Norgren, Sollefteå Skidor IF
2021 Lina Korsgren, Åre Längdskidklubb

Most Tjejvasan wins
Susanne Nyström (6 wins), Britta Johansson Norgren (4 wins), Anna Frithioff, Marie-Helene Östlund, Elin Ek and Sofia Bleckur (2 wins each).

Most top 3 placements in Tjejvasan
Susanne Nyström and Britta Johansson Norgren (7 top three placements), Sofia Bleckur (5 top three placements), Elin Ek, Emelie Öhrstig and Lina Korsgren (4 top three placements), Anna Frithioff, Jenny Hansson, Emilia Lindstedt, Katerina Smutná (3 top three placements).

Youngest and oldest Tjejvasan victor
Karin Värnlund is Tjejvasan's youngest winners. She was 19 years and 114 days old when she won in 1988. The oldest winner is Hilde G Pedersen who was 39 years and 112 days old in 2004.

Biggest winning margin in
In 1998, Bente Martinsen won 4 minutes and 15 seconds ahead of Emelie Öhrstig. The second longest winning margin is from 2017 when Britta Johansson Norgren set a new record time and won 2 minutes and 34 seconds ahead of Emilia Lindstedt.

Sprint finishes in Tjejvasan
The first and second have been within one second of each other in 15 of the 33 Tjejvasan races. (In 2009 the top seven women crossed the finish line within three seconds.) Notably, 14 of the 17 latests races have been settled via sprints on the finishing stretch.

These years the Tjejvasan victor has also been fastest in Vasaloppet
Tjejvasan and Vasaloppet have had the same winner six times:
2003 Ulrica Persson
2010 Susanne Nyström
2011 Jenny Hansson
2017 & 2019 Britta Johansson Norgren
2021 Lina Korsgren
(Marie Johansson won Tjejvasan in 1989 and was the fastest woman in Vasaloppet that same year. But the Vasaloppet competition class for women wasn't introduced until 1997.)

Tjejvasan every year
The following women have participated in Tjejvasan every year since 1988 and are also registered this year:
Anna-Lena Karlsson, Borlänge
Maj-Britt Flood, Mora
Ingegerd Karlsson, Berghem
Margareta Östensson Lindblom, Falun
Margareta Löfqvist, Västerås
Marianne Andersson, Mora
Sonja Dahlström, Idre
Helen Östensson, Transtrand

"The trick is to position yourself at the front of your group so you don't have to break when going downhill." (Advice from Sonja Dahlström who has skied Tjejvasan every year since 1988.)

Average time and median time
The average Tjejvasan time, counting the near 200,000 participants over the years, is 3.14.08. The median time is 3.11.32.

Sveriges Television will broadcast Tjejvasan live 08:45–11:30 on SVT1 and SVT Play. Commentator: Peter Jonsson. Expert: Mattias Svahn.

Vasaloppet.TV, Vasaloppet's own streaming service, will also broadcast Tjejvasan 08:00–18:30, from start to finish with fixed cameras and a main broadcast from the finish. Commentator: Martin Sellberg. Expert: Sofia Domeij.

After ski
Musical entertainment with the house band 'Four on the floor' from 12:00 to 16:00. Free entrance. Tingshusparken by the finish line in Mora.

Awards ceremony Tjejvasan 2022
Prizes are awarded on stage at the Vasaloppet finish in Mora at 13:00.

Vasaloppstrippeln – three 30-kilometre races during one calendar year
How about skiing Tjejvasan, cycling Cykelvasan 30 and running Trailvasan 30 in one and the same year?

En Svensk Klassiker Tjej' and 'En Svensk Klassiker Korta'
Tjejvasan is part of En Svensk Klassiker Tjej for women – together with Kristinaloppet, Engelbrektshalvan, Vasaloppet 30, Tjejvättern, Vansbro Kortsim, Vansbro Tjejsim and Rosa Bandet-loppet.

Tjejvasan is also part of En Svensk Klassiker Korta – together with Kristinaloppet, Engelbrektshalvan, Vasaloppet 30, Tjejvättern, Vätternrundan 100 km, Vansbro Kortsim, Vansbro Tjejsim and Rosa Bandet-loppet.

Registration for Tjejvasan 2023 – train all year
Registration for Tjejvasan 2023 and the other Vasaloppet Winter Week 2023 opens on Sunday, March 27 at 09:00 on vasaloppet.se

More facts about Vasaloppet in Vasaloppet's new Facts Guide 2022 (Swedish only):

Upcoming events in the Vasaloppet Arena in the Anniversary Year of 2022 – Vasaloppet 100 years:

Vasaloppet's Winter Week 2022 (registration is open)
• Friday 25 February Vasaloppet 30 30 km, start Oxberg
• Saturday 26 February Tjejvasan 30 km, start Oxberg
• Sunday 27 February Ungdomsvasan 9 km start Eldris, 19 km start Hökberg
• Sunday 27 February Öppet Spår Sunday 90 km, start Sälen
• Monday 28 February Öppet Spår Monday 90 km, freestyle, start Sälen
• Tuesday 1 March Vasaloppet 45 45 km, start Oxberg
• Friday 4 March Stafettvasan 90 km, five-person teams, start Sälen
• Friday 4 March Nattvasan 90 90 km, individually or two-person teams, freestyle, start Sälen
• Friday 4 March Nattvasan 45 45 km, individually or two-person teams, freestyle, start Oxberg
• Friday 4 March Nattvasan 30 30 km, individually or two-person teams, freestyle, start Oxberg
• Saturday 5 March Vasaloppet 10 9 km, start Eldris
• Sunday 6 March Vasaloppet 90 km, start Sälen (fully booked)

Vasaloppet's Summer Week 2022 (registration is open)
• Friday 12 August Cykelvasan Öppet Spår 94 km, start Sälen
• Friday 12 August Cykelvasasprinten 1 km, Lindvallen, Sälen
• Saturday 13 August Cykelvasan 90 94 km, start Sälen
• Sunday 14 August Cykelvasan 45 45 km, start Oxberg
• Sunday 14 August Cykelvasan 30 32 km, start Oxberg
• Sunday 14 August Ungdomscykelvasan 32 km, start Oxberg
• Friday 19 August Trailvasan 10 10 km, start Mora
• Saturday 20 August Ultravasan 90 90 km, start Sälen
• Saturday 20 August Ultravasan 45 45 km, start Oxberg
• Saturday 20 August Trailvasan 30 30 km, start Oxberg
• Saturday 20 August Vasastafetten 90 km, running relay for ten-person teams, start Sälen
• Saturday 20 August Vasakvartetten 90 km, running relay for four-person teams, start Sälen

Vasaloppstrippeln – ski, bike and run, all in one year
Vasaloppstrippeln is a challenge where you complete three races – skiing, cycling and running – during one and the same calendar year. Choose between 90, 45 or 30 kilometres.

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Vasaloppet is the world's biggest cross-country ski race. Vasaloppet's Winter Week with its cross-country skiing and Summer Week with mountain biking and running attract a total of almost 100,000 registered participants every year. Since the beginning in 1922 almost 1.7 million participants have passed the finish line portal in Mora. Vasaloppet is a non-profit making organization owned by IFK Mora and Sälens IF. An engine for public health and sports club activities, in forefathers' tracks for future victories!


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Vasaloppet är världens största arrangör av motionslopp, året runt.

Vasaloppet startade 1922, men är mycket äldre än så. Det första Vasaloppet genomfördes redan 1521 av Gustav Eriksson. Under sin flykt undan den danske kungen blev han upphunnen i Sälen och återvände till Mora för att leda upproret mot ockupationsmakten. Gustav Eriksson enade så småningom riket och blev Sveriges första kung, mer känd under namnet Gustav Vasa. Sälen är med andra ord inte enbart startplats för ett av världens största motionslopp, utan också startpunkten för hela vårt lands historia. Det första loppet lockade 119 skidåkare till start. I dag kommer uppåt 100 000 deltagare från över 60 länder till vår bygd för att åka skidor, springa eller cykla mellan Sälen och Mora. Vasaloppet må ha växt, men syftet är det samma: Att med utgångspunkt från den klassiska sträckan genomföra idrottsarrangemang som skapar resurser och möjligheter för ägarföreningarna samt alla funktionärsföreningar. Med ideella krafter för vi en svensk tradition vidare.

Vasaloppet är en ideell verksamhet som ägs av IFK Mora och Sälens IF. En motor för folkhälsa och föreningsliv.