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Fantastic achievements from the Vasaloppet Winter Week 2024

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Fantastic achievements from the Vasaloppet Winter Week 2024

Yet another Winter Week has come to an end. Weather conditions caused occasional challenges for both participants and organizers, but with hard work and determination from both the skiers and the functionaries around them, over 50,000 participants crossed the finish line under the classic finish portal in Mora. Some competed against others and some competed against themselves just as it should be. Here is a brief summary of some fantastic achievements in the Vasaloppet Winter Week 2024.

First across the line: Bruno Dettman from Orsa and Emma Hållström from Uppsala were the first man and woman respectively to finish the first race, Vasaloppet 30. Bruno also finished 41st in Vasaloppet and Emma 62nd.

Best Finnish Finish: Kati Roivas from Finland won Tjejvasan with the second-fastest winning time ever, 1.16.14. Just 35 seconds away from Britta Johansson Norgren's record time.

Tjejvasan 36 times (completed all races since 1988): Marianne Andersson from Mora, 2.49.00; Anna-Lena Karlsson from Borlänge, 3.09.23; Ingegerd Karlsson from Berghem, 4.14.30; Margareta Löfqvist from Västerås, 3.15.41; and Margareta Östensson Lindblom from Falun, 2.53.55.

Most hugs at the finish line: For the first time, Bamse visited Barnens Vasalopp in both Sälen and Mora. Over 700 children could say hi to, high five, and hug the world's strongest and kindest bear after their race; a success!

Defended the title: Evelina Crüsell won the Tjejvasan junior class for the second year in a row.

Försvarsmaktsvasan: Anton Hallor from F21 and Helene Hafnor from Norway won Försvarsmaktsvasan, the Swedish defence forces race which was held in conjunction with Öppet Spår Sunday. Anton finished in 4.49.33 and Helene in 5.49.45.

Three Supreme Commanders: The chiefs of defence of Sweden, Norway, and Finland all skied Öppet Spår Monday 90. The Supreme Commander of the Swedish Armed Forces, Micael Bydén, skied alongside the head of the Norwegian Armed Forces, Eirik Kristoffersen, and Finnish Chief of Defence, Timo Kivinen. They timed their finish and all received the same time: 7.15.53.

Best Gustav Vasa: For the 50th year, Nils Nyström skied back and forth on the final stretch dressed as Gustav Vasa, posing for approximately 3,769 selfies. "Nisse" also had the honour of firing the starting shot in this 100th Vasaloppet.

Best Norwegian: Torleif Syrstad took the 16th Norwegian men's victory in Vasaloppet, 3.52.43.

Best Norwegian who also defended the title: Emilie Fleten took her second consecutive victory in Vasaloppet, 4.23.06, and only had 77 men ahead of her at the finish line.

On the podium in two races: Emilie Fleten and Kati Roivas were both first and third in Vasaloppet and second and first in Tjejvasan.

Best Swede, best Dalarna man and best 17-year-old in Vasaloppet: Alvar Myhlback, third place, 3.56.42.

Best Swede in Vasaloppet: Karolina Hedenström, fourth, 4.39.03.

Best 38-year-old in Vasaloppet: Petter Northug Jr., 18th, in 4.01.35.

Best 43-year-old and best Japanese in Vasaloppet: Masako Ishida, twelfth, 4.49.27.

Best 50-year-old in Vasaloppet, male (M50): Stanislav Rezác, Czech Republic, 101st, 4.28.38.

Best 50-year-old in Vasaloppet, female (F50): Jenny Ramstedt, 52nd, 5.31.48.

Time required to be in the top 100 in Vasaloppet: Men: 4.28.06. Women: 6.27.08.

Time required to be in the top 1,000 in Vasaloppet: Men: 5.44.15. Women: 10.25.18.

1,196 participants received a performance medal in Vasaloppet 2024. Those who finish within the winning time plus 50 percent receive the performance medal. The medal time was 5.49.05 for men and 6.34.40 for women.

Best non-Swedish/non-Norwegian man in Vasaloppet: Dietmar Nöckler, Italy, 24th, 4.03.42. (21 of the first 100 men came from a country other than Sweden or Norway.)

Best non-Swedish/non-Norwegian woman in Vasaloppet: Kati Roivas, Finland, third, 4.26.31. (26 of the first 100 women came from a country other than Sweden or Norway.)

Best birthday: Eva Westin, Stensätra, turned 50 on the same day she skied Vasaloppet, 11.26.32.

Youngest man ever to finish Vasaloppet: Olof Sundin, 16 years old, born 2007-09-23, 8.51.36

Youngest woman ever to finish Vasaloppet: Ester Borg, 16 years old, born 2007-11-23, 9.42.39

New veterans: During the Winter Week, 39 participants completed their 30th 90-kilometre race (one race per year counts), and they are now Vasaloppet veterans. In total, 1,257 people have become members of the Vasaloppet Veterans Club - "Sweden's toughest club," as some call it. See all the new names for this year, county by county, at the bottom!

Most veteran: Gösta Lönnelid from Mora skied Öppet Spår Monday 90 in 13.03.23 and became the most veteran ever with his 61 races.

Second most female veteran: Margareta Östensson Lindblom, Falun, skied the Öppet Spår on Monday 90 in 11.39.24 and became the second woman ever to finish her 40th race.

The following veterans also completed their 50th race or more: Vidar Lofving, Tibro, and Stig Ericsson, Åskloster (53rd race), Jörgen Wallin, Säter, and Gunnar Olsson, Borlänge (54th race), Håkan Mossberg, Kopparberg, and Erik Berglund, Viksjöfors (55th race!).

Most sit ski participation: Adventurer Aron Anderson finished Vasaloppet for the 10th time using a sit ski this year, 9.28.48.

Most participation from Åland: 85 participants in the Vasaloppet Winter Week came from Åland. Lars Janlöv from Mariehamn skied his 49th Vasalopp in 6.11.10.

100 years after grandfather's victory: In 1924, John Lindgren from Umeå won Vasaloppet in 6.53.26. This year, his grandson Mathias Lindgren from Knivsta skied Vasaloppet in 7.04.05.

Tandem class: No, there isn't a tandem class, but some who don't want to lose each other ski using the same pair of skis. David Skogström, Årjäng, and Jonas Forsberg (the driver who stepped in as a substitute) skied Vasaloppet on a pair of tandem skis in 11.38.27.

200 races: During the week, Carina Hammarstrand, Munka Ljungby, completed her 196th, 197th, 198th, 199th and, on Vasaloppet Sunday, her 200th race! Vasaloppet took 11.43.47.

Fifty Femmes: From Vasaloppet's project More Women on the Track, the initiative Fifty Femmes was started by Cecilia Björk Bang-Melchior and Jenny Grip before Vasaloppet 2024. In various forums, 50 women from all over the country, mostly first-time participants, received encouragement, advice, and training tips for their participation in the 100th Vasaloppet.

Most finishes during the Vasaloppet Winter Week 2024: Jennifer Friman, Malmö, and Göran Klinga, Täby, both completed seven races each. Jennifer covered 465 km and Göran 400 km.

Iron men: Elof Lind and Viktor Douhan did an Ironman, or rather a Skiman, where they replaced 180 kilometres on a bike with cross-country skis. In other words, 3.8 kilometres of swimming in a pool in Sälen, 180 kilometres of cross-country skiing (Öppet Spår on Monday back and forth!) followed by a marathon, i.e., 42 kilometres of running. The time was 28.22.30.

Deafblind: Torbjörn Svensson, Rydebäck, is deafblind but skied Öppet Spår on Monday 90 with a guide in 14.00.15 (He started an hour early.)

Ski wedding: 22 couples got married in Mora Church's ski-in wedding after the finish line, which is a new record!

Some celebrities who finished:

Malin Ewerlöf, running profile, European silver medallist 800 metres 1998, 3.11.38
Barbro Holmberg, former minister, director-general, and county governor, 4.04.07
Kjell Enhager, mental advisor and lecturer, 8.35.09
Robert Frank, radio host of "Vaken med P3 & P4", 11.59.41
Anders Jonell, former freestyle skier, participated in the 1994 Olympics, 7.13.45
Peter Tholse, former volleyball player, European silver medallist 1989, 8.04.00
Frida Tranvik, radio host of "Vaken med P3 & P4", 12.51.19
Christer Skog, former national team coach for cross-country skiing, 9.13.17

Öppet Spår Monday
Signar Mäkitalo, acting chief medical officer Region Sörmland, 7.42.42

Vasaloppet 45
Måns Möller, comedian, 4.35.35
Viggo Möller Ulvenå, Viggo Foundation, 4.35.36

Nattvasan 30
Jill Johnsson, artist, 3.04.00

Nattvasan 90
Karolin Ohlsson, world orienteering champion, 6.14.09

Aron Andersson, adventurer and lecturer, 9.28.48
Melker Andersson, chef, restaurateur, 6.51.49
Christian Bauer, purchasing manager, married to Pernilla Wahlgren, 8.44.39
Lars Berger, former Norwegian cross-country skier/biathlete, 4.22.21
Mats E. Djuse, horse racer, 9.30.48
Henrik Eriksson Järheim, winner of Vasaloppet 2001, 4.59.00
Manne Forssberg, influencer and prolific runner, 6.03.45
Birger Fält, Vasaloppet expert, former national racewalker, 7.51.19
Klara Hammarström, artist, skiing reporter for SVT, 11.51.04
John Hassler, economist, professor, government climate policy investigator, 11.33.52
Caroline Kejbert, Swedish reality TV star, known from "Bonde söker fru", 10.58.50
Måns Möller, comedian, skiing reporter for SVT, 11.51.04
Mikael Niemi, author, August Prize winner 2000, 9.07.50
Franck Piccard, former French alpine skier, Olympic gold medallist in Super-G 1988, 9.34.30
Per Svartvadet, former ice hockey player, skiing reporter for Radiosporten, 11.57.07
Axel Teichmann, former German cross-country skier, 5.03.19

39 new veterans after the Vasaloppet Winter Week 2024, county by county

Lars Björn, Borlänge, Dalarna
Olle Samuelsson, Dala-Järna, Dalarna
Svante Wedman, Falun, Dalarna
Mats Liss, Orsa, Dalarna
Håkan Anderson, Sälen, Dalarna
Per Larsson, Vansbro, Dalarna
Per Öberg, Hofors, Gävleborg
Ronnie Löf, Sandviken, Gävleborg
Peter Aronsson, Varberg, Halland
Per Olof Ivarsson, Vessigebro, Halland
Sven Nilsson, Frösön, Jämtland
Jonas Carlsson, Reftele, Jönköping
Peter Karlsson, Virserum, Kalmar
Bernt Niva, Kiruna, Norrbotten
Johan Johnson, Lund, Skåne
Tommy Alderbring, Strövelstorp, Skåne
Richard Armandt, Ingarö, Stockholm
Pontus Tillenius, Johanneshov, Stockholm
Kjell Strand, Lidingö, Stockholm
Mårten Lindskog, Stockholm, Stockholm
Erland Larsson, Mellösa, Södermanland
Johan Holmstedt, Söderfors, Uppsala
Jörgen Auren, Hagfors, Värmland
Pär Skogfeldt, Hagfors, Värmland
Hans Hansson, Åsele, Västernorrland
Östen Strömgren, Husum, Västernorrland
Christer Ahlberg, Själevad, Västernorrland
Åke Bromö, Västerås, Västmanland
Anders Nordeman, Alingsås, Västra Götaland
Ragnar Nilsson, Björketorp, Västra Götaland
Peter Karnström, Bullaren, Västra Götaland
Jonas Björck, Stenstorp, Västra Götaland
Stefan Hornebrant, Trollhättan, Västra Götaland
Jonas Eriksson, Linköping, Östergötland
Jan Karlsson, Ödeshög, Östergötland

Chris Henning Christiansen, Borup, Sjælland, Denmark
Morten E Lund, Hamar, Hedmark, Norway
Per Egil Linna, Kongsvinger, Hedmark, Norway
Ralf Kretschmer, Nasseböhla, Sachsen, Germany

(The list may be supplemented)

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Registration for 2025

Those who register for Vasaloppet's Winter Week 2025 by Wednesday, March 27, 2024, will receive a 20 percent early bird discount on the registration fee. Thereafter, registration will be at the regular fee subject to availability. The discount applies to all races except the 101st Vasaloppet 2025.

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Friday, August 9, Ungdomscykelvasan, start Oxberg, 32 km
Friday, August 9, Cykelvasan Öppet Spår, start Sälen, 96 km
Friday, August 9, Cykelvasan 30, start Oxberg, 32 km
Friday, August 9, Cykelvasan 45, start Oxberg, 45 km
Saturday, August 10, Cykelvasan 90, start Sälen, 96 km
Friday, August 16, Trailvasan 10, start Mora, 10 km
Saturday, August 17, Ultravasan 90, start Sälen, 92 km
Saturday, August 17, Vasastafetten, running relay, ten legs, start Sälen, 92 km
Saturday, August 17, Ultravasan 45, start Oxberg, 45 km
Saturday, August 17, Trailvasan 30, start Oxberg, 30 km

Vasaloppet’s Winter Week 2025 and the 101st Vasaloppet – cross country skiing

Friday, February 21, Vasaloppet 30, start Oxberg, 30 km
Saturday, February 22, Tjejvasan, start Oxberg, 30 km
Sunday, February 23, Öppet Spår Sunday, start Sälen, 90 km
Sunday, February 23, Ungdomsvasan, start Eldris, 9 km, start Hökberg, 19 km
Monday, February 24, Öppet Spår Monday 90, freestyle, start Sälen, 90 km
Monday, February 24, Öppet Spår Monday 45, freestyle, start Evertsberg, 43 km
Monday, February 24, Öppet Spår Monday 30, freestyle, start Oxberg, 28 km
Tuesday, February 25, Vasaloppet 45, start Oxberg, 45 km
Friday, February 28, Stafettvasan, ski relay, five legs, start Sälen, 90 km
Friday, February 28, Nattvasan 30, individually or two-person teams, freestyle, start Oxberg, 30 km
Friday, February 28, Nattvasan 45, individually or two-person teams, freestyle, start Oxberg, 45 km
Friday, February 28, Nattvasan 90, individually or two-person teams, freestyle, start Sälen, 90 km
Saturday, March 1, Vasaloppet 10, freestyle, start Eldris, 9 km
Sunday, March 2, The 101st Vasaloppet, start Sälen, 90 km

Vasaloppstrippeln – ski, bike and run, all in one year
Vasaloppstrippeln is a challenge where you complete three races – skiing, cycling and running – during one and the same calendar year. Choose between 30, 45 or 90 kilometres.

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